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Born at Google and available again at the HOW Institute in Luxembourg !

Mindfulness | Emotional Intelligence | Compassionate Leadership for Organizations and Individuals

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A 2 Day Workshop presented by Cristina Jardon and Frédérique Charlier, SIY certified Teachers


***Due to the ongoing sanitary crisis, we have not fixed an SIY Open Program for the moment. Together with our partners we are working on adapted mindfulness emotional intelligence programs and will announce them very soon***


Developed at Google and based on the latest in neuroscience research, Search Inside Yourself Program (SIY) teaches attention and mindfulness training that build the core emotional intelligence skills needed for effective leadership.

Get a sneak preview of SIY fundamentals and some hard facts about its effectiveness for individuals & organisations in this 40 min free introductory webinar with our 2 SIY certified teachers below.




to be announced (Luxembourg)


990€ VAT excluded

Price for 2 days including food and non-alcoholic beverage

Who should attend this training ?

  • Managers and leaders that want to improve organisation wide teamwork & cohesion
  • Existing teams that want to improve their cohesion, develop a common language and navigate common challenges successfully
  • Members of highly diverse teams (positions, roles, skills, nationalities..)
  • Workers & individuals that want to be more serene and mindful at work and in their life
  • Workers & individuals that experienced engagement & motivation challenges at their workplace or in their life
  • More generally, workers, managers, leaders and individuals that want to increase their wellbeing and thus their overall performance

And what do you get out of it?

Whether you are coming for personal or professional development or to check out the SIY program for your organisation, you will learn foundational skills to:

  • Enhance mental fitness and clarity
  • Develop agile and adaptive mindsets
  • Reduce stress responses
  • Increase resilience
  • Improve access to creativity
  • Develop greater self awareness
  • Enhance emotion regulation
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop better decision-making skills
  • Develop greater emotional intelligence
  • Experience greater overall wellbeing, thrive!

⏤ What do SIY attendees say? ⏤

I loved the SIY open program and recommend it to everybody who is ready to upgrade his Emotional Intelligence skills for the better of the company and its own personal development.

You will come out of SIY more knowledgable, aware and focused.

If you apply the simple techniques you will see great improvements in your personal and professional life. Just go for it!”

Lisa Wells, Head of Marketing Spuerkeess

“I had my extended team participate in the SIY program and I found it so useful that my leadership team is now participating… it has inspired me and my team to find the most productive way to work and create positive change. Every day I think about something I have learned or talked about in the program.

Adam Berlew, VP Global Marketing Content & Campaigns Equinix

“SIY program allows our teams to achieve better self-awareness and self-management and give us the possibility to develop our highest purpose with the best leadership”

Nuria Plaza, American Business transformation Director at BT

“I highly recommend SIY to anyone looking to improve the way their team works together, enhance their innovative thinking and clarity, reduce stress, improve general wellbeing, manage difficult conversations, and be generally more at peace.

Barry Margerum, Chief Strategy Officer Plantronics


⏤ Our SIY Certified Teachers ⏤

Cristina Jardón

Cristina Jardon

Expert in Emotional Intelligence, Corporate Wellness, Mindfulness and Compassion

Cristina is an Expert in Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Compassion. She has wide expertise as speaker and trainer in companies, business schools and Education field for more than 9 years. She combines trainings with Well-being consulting and lectures in Psychology at several Universities, forums and international congresses about Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness.

Using an inside-out approach, she trains people to give their best self, promoting engagement, motivation, effective teams and positive leadership.
Her wide expertise allows her to develop different programs to achieve better performance and productive Organizations with a Human Touch.
Her mission is providing new ways of working based on values, compassion and co-creation.

Cristina has more than 18 years as meditation practitioner. She participates on international meditation retreats every year to go deeper in her own practice.

Pedagogue and postgraduate in Coaching and Resilience. Certified in HR, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness (MBSR), Self-Compassion (MSC) and Compassion (CCT). Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher in Europe.

Frederique Charlier

Frédérique Charlier

Founding Partner at True Talk and Certified SIY Teacher

Throughout her 20+ year career in the financial services industry, holding multiple management roles Frederique got passionate about interpersonal relationships.

Observing and experimenting how today’s businesses often lack the resources to prevent and manage conflicts she went on a quest to learn and now share practical and accessible tools around emotional intelligence, communication and negotiation.

As an SIY Certified Teacher Fred is fascinated by the transformational experience participants go through. ‘I feel so energized to share those skills which help individuals and teams communicate more effectively, increase their performance and feel happier! It is now my role to share these tools I have been looking for and applying as a leader.’

On her Teacher journey Fred has been teaching SIY to organizations across Europe, from Engineering to Finance, Energy, Telecom and Manufacturing.

Since 2015 she co-leads TRUE TALK, a consultancy providing training and guidance for businesses through social and commercial conflicts. Her deepest wish is now to help educate children manage their conflicts differently from the youngest age.

Fred’s mindfulness practice helps her pursue meaning in life and cultivate simple rich moments with her family.

⏤ The Curriculum ⏤

The SIY curriculum includes:



Emotional Intelligence


Program Design

Everyone has the capacity to develop and increase wellbeing because wellbeing is a skill, and all skills are trainable.

The highly interactive and experiential program includes the following core components:

– Overview of the neuroscience of emotion, perception and behavior change

– Definition of emotional intelligence and its personal and professional benefits

– Attention training to enable greater emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, self-mastery, motivation and connection with self and others

– Principles and practices for developing healthy mental habits that accelerate wellbeing, including effective listening, generosity, empathy, communication and social skills

– Mindfulness and reflection practices that support happiness, thriving and overall wellbeing

Exercises include attention training practice, dyad conversations, writing, walking and group conversations

SIY Journey with us

SIY doesn’t finish with the 2-day training. The adventure continues 4 weeks beyond with your personal practice and our following-up. This will help you to create emotional intelligent habits at work.

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