Meet the Team

We are on a mission to create highly efficient and meaningful work environments

Marco Houwen

Evangelist for a mindful 21st century Leadership

Through his 20+ years experience in creating and scaling-up companies and his passion for his own professional, personal and spiritual journey, Marco developed a deep understanding on how to create holistic success for himself and his clients.

As a coach, mentor, facilitator, author and public speaker, he is dedicating himself today to support business and community leaders to create their very own holistic success.
Marco has co-authored the book, ‘So you’ve got a DAO‘ on distributed and connected leadership. This handbook covers the mindset, the skillset and the communication skills every leader needs in this new world of de-centralized leadership.

Born in Luxembourg, fluent in English, German, French and Luxembourgish, Marco has built an international profile throughout his extensive professional career.

Sylvain Cottong

Economist & futurist

Economist by education, Sylvain is a Luxembourg based futurist and has spent his whole career as a consultant and a coach on emerging governance, management and leadership practices, as well as on associated digital transformation projects for the private and the public sector alike. He also has a track record as a speaker on these topics at international conferences.

Sylvain enriches our team in many ways, including the promotion of design thinking as a process and a method, where he has been a pioneer for more than 10 years.