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At The How Institute, we help you design and implement a tailor-made and agile learning strategy according to your organisations’ needs and context, on your path to a sustainable learning culture, to stay on top of your game in turbulent economic and societal times.

Learning today is as colorful as a rainbow:

  • from 5-minute microlearning to full time camp’s
  • analog, digital, hybrid
  • self, peer, group, social, mooc
  • various methods and formats
  • holistic approach (mindset, skillset, toolset)
  • continuous setups, journeys, safaris

So we take scalable learning seriously and consider it as the most important competitive advantage already today and even more so in the near future, we will apply design thinking and design methodologies throughout our work and processes, to systematically redesign work environments with the primary design goal of accelerating learning and performance improvement.

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Different project phases

Initial audit questionnaire

  • For understanding your needs and your ‘as-is’ state in terms of learning and knowledge management

Followed by a design phase

1 – 5 days of workshops

  • A more thorough understanding of your needs as well as identification of your (workers) skill and capability gaps according to your specific context and industry
  • Establishing a common vocabulary between us, you and your stakeholders
  • Design of a tailor-made agile learning strategy and system and its different components

1 – 6 weeks sprints

  • Deepening of the agile learning concept and its components
  • Definition of objectives to be achieved and design of the KPIs and metrics needed for monitoring advancements and effects (learning analytics)
  • Close look at your organisational design and adjustment to the requirements of agile learning environments if needed (agile management, self-organising teams, autonomy, servant leadership…etc)
  • Design of a change management strategy & program
  • Budgeting for implementing your agile learning strategy and system

As an additinal follow up

  • Supervision of agile learning component implementation
  • KPI feedback analysis
  • Qualitative learner feedback collection and analysis
  • Active change management

Additional solutions

  • Design or review of your competency maps to align them with your employees’ learning paths
  • Design & implementation of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) as a modern performance management framework in line with your learning & development strategy
  • Measurement of your employee engagement score before and after implementing new learning & development solutions
  • Design and implementation of corporate academies for unique or ongoing knowledge & learning events: hackathons, barcamps, masterclasses, workshops, seminars etc, where we can deliver a one-stop-shop solution: content definition, expert speaker and trainer selection, event organisation with a strong emphasis on participant experience, follow-up and feedback…etc
  • Design and implementation of corporate or community-based innovation & learning labs and ecosystems including underlying innovation management processes
  • Individual coaching for learnability and learning paths curricula
  • Our own How Institute workshops, masterclasses & webinars (open to the public via participation fees) with confirmed trainers and coaches especially for :
    • soft skills and human capabilities as we consider that those skills are the most in demand and the most important ones for future resilience: curiosity, critical thinking, transdisciplinarity, willingness to take risk, novel and adaptive thinking, imagination, computational thinking, virtual collaboration, creativity, design mindset, social intelligence, emotional intelligence, cross-cultural competencies, sensemaking, mindfulness, kindness, willingness and ability to learn quickly, entrepreneurship, autonomy, communication, proactivity, solution oriented, capable of criticism, empathy, integrity, efficiency, constructiveness, capable of decision-making under ambiguity …etc
    • new management and leadership models
    • the different sides of digital transformation and how they interact: technology, culture, processes and new business models.
  • E-learning offers via our own Learning Experience Platform in different formats: stand-alone courses or follow-up coaching for participants to our HI workshops, masterclasses & webinars.

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