What we can do

To further support the transformation of institutionscommunities, companies and their leaders, we provide the HOW Coaching service.

We provide Business Coaching the way we would have loved to be coached during our different business experiences.

Our HOW Business Coaches are certified professionals sharing the HOW Institute philosophy, leaders in their own field, pursuing a thoughtful purpose and creating positive impacts in everything they do.

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Our Aim

Our aim is it to provide you with tools, perspective and the grit you need to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

We support you on bridging this gap, not by giving you the ‘miracle recipe’ but by helping you to find the answers inside yourself. Nobody knows your business/life better than yourself, we are there to guide your thought process so that you can find your own solutions.

We provide proven methodologies to produce impactful changes in your business, activities and roles. We use among others, design thinking, creative thinking and critical thinking to help you innovate in your leadership role and create the vision, strategies, action plans you need to achieve your goal.

We help you find answers to the questions you ask yourself :

HOW to increase productivity and well-being for me and my organisation?

HOW to excel in my team’s engagement ?

HOW to create empowering and effective communication with others?

HOW to pivot my business to stay ahead of the wave?

Are You Our Coachee ?

You are:

  • A C-level in your organisation
  • An entrepreneur, a business owner
  • A manager striving for more
  • A leader in your field

Looking for a coach that:

  • Is a powerful LISTENER and QUESTIONER to address your challenges through different perspectives, leading to creative solutions,
  • Holds you ACCOUNTABLE to make you succeed along your true north,
  • Gives you the STRAIGHT TALK needed to get to the point (might hurt sometimes but for the best)

How do we work together?

  • Your willingness to change and to be coachable!

Coaching does not replace effective personal engagement. It is about creating together a changing environment where your ideas, feelings and actions can be expressed, questioned and tested.

Discovery session:

  • After having filled out our form and setup our first discovery session, we will fix together your objectives and expectations.

Tailor-made packages:

  • Individual sessions and/or in group of peers will be set to meet your needs.

Closing session:

  • Together we will make an assessment of your progress, to understand where you are standing now and where do you want to go from there.

Are you triggered by what you just read?

We are more then happy to get into a conversation on the future of work and learning!

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